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Who is eligible for the program services?

To be eligible for the Dual Career Program, you must be the spouse/partner of a newly hired faculty or staff member, and should have lived in the area for less than 12 months. Additionally if you and your spouse/partner are considering an offer of employment, we can provide you with employment information and career resources.

What does the Dual Career Program offer?

WVU is committed to assisting our relocating employees and their families. We provide clients with information on the local job market, resume and cover letter writing assistance, interview coaching, job search and networking support, and community information.

What is my responsibility to participate in the program?

The Dual Career Program works in partnership with you to facilitate your job search. Clients are expected to actively participate in their own job search and apply for positions as they see fit. As we work together, we expect clients to be respectful and professional as they represent the Dual Career Program, as well as WVU. If you do not respond to requests from the Dual Career Coordinators and/or hiring managers, we will assume you no longer need service. Once you secure employment, please contact the Program Coordinator so we can update our records in a timely fashion.

How do I get started?

Complete the Dual Career Consultation Request Form to schedule a consultation. 

Am I guaranteed employment?

The Dual Career Program does not guarantee employment or job placement and is contingent upon available funding. However it is our commitment to support your job search by identifying open positions, assisting with your application materials, and facilitating networking.

Will I be given preferential treatment for positions at WVU?

The Dual Career Program does not compromise the normal hiring or search process at WVU. When there are open positions for which you are qualified, however, we will contact the hiring manager regarding your candidacy, as appropriate.

Can you help me find employment outside of WVU?

Yes, the Dual Career Program works to develop networks with area businesses in Morgantown and the surrounding community to place you in a position that will best suit your needs and skills.

How long will you assist me in my job search?

The Dual Career Program supports eligible participants up to 12 months or until you secure employment, whichever comes first.

Can you assist me in finding an academic position?

The program does assist you in identifying academic opportunities either at WVU or at other local colleges and universities. WVU is also an active member of the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium. You can view job postings at For additional resources and employment opportunities, visit Career Resources.