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Eligibility Requirements


In order to participate in the Dual Career Program, you should be:

  • The spouse/partner of a newly hired, full-time, benefits-eligible WVU faculty or staff member AND have lived in the area for less than 12 months; or
  • The spouse/partner of a current full-time, benefits-eligible faculty or staff member who has had a written request submitted directly by the employee’s Vice President, Dean or Department Chair.

The Dual Career Program

A few notes on the program are:

  • It provides support to clients who have recently relocated to West Virginia,
  • It's available to eligible participants up to 12 months from date of enrollment, or until gainful employment is secured. In situations where your relocation date is delayed, the timeline can be extended,
  • It does not assist in the job search of any person who is gainfully and currently employed in the local area, and
  • It does not guarantee employment or job placement, and is contingent upon available funding.

WVU is not responsible for the practices of companies to which referrals are made. Further, we do not know the individual employment policies of companies to which referrals are made.

To request a consultation, please complete the Dual Career Consultation Request Form.